Subzero Blue’s Top Search Engine Keywords

One of the things I find most amusing and interesting to check in a site’s statistics are the keywords people typed into search engines to find it; sometimes you’ll find some really funny and unexpected stuff in there.

Here are some of the top keywords people type and the pages they end up on for Subzero Blue:

– Arab Porn / Arabic Porn: Arab Porn Singers
– Madonna dancers: Hung Up On Madonna
– Nicole kidman sex: Sex with Nicole Kidman
– Last day at work: Last Day At Work
– What is happiness: What Is Happiness?
– Describe me / words to describe a person: 10 Words That Best Describe Me
– Robot sex dolls: Robot Sex Dolls
– Sami Yusuf: Sami Yusuf
– Middle east sex: First Middle East Sex Survey Results

A lot of sex related stuff in there, further confirming that sex does sell.
No worries though, I won’t be turning this into a 100% sex related blog just to get more traffic.

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