Arab Porn Singers

Ok, What the hell am I talking about, I hear you ask.
Well, I’m talking about this new breed of Arab singers who have shitty voices, keep moaning throughout their songs and who look like they’ve just been picked out of a porn movie.

It’s incredible, whatever Arabic music channel you switch to, there’s some new singer’s video and the song sucks, their voice sucks even more, the music is ripped off and they’re totally offbeat.
But wait, they weren’t really counting on all the previous ingredients to lure you, they were counting on the semi-naked woman/women singing, dancing, moaning and groaning to do that.

Then there are the guys who have a bunch of girls strip dancing in the background while they sing about something totally irrelevant.

Where has all this come from?
Why has the woman body become so cheap?
I can’t believe it.

I know this is yet another attempt to immitate the west. But believe me sometimes I feel they’ve even outdone them.
I mean western videos do have a lot of sex, nudity and all, but not to the extent where you feel that the scene was just cut out of a B-rated porn movie.

This really has to stop. It truly should be unacceptable for stuff like this to be on our TV screens.

  • hassan

    oh sorry i hope i didnt make u cry shit head actually i didnt read you columns because all i saw was blah blah blah no words freak.
    I am tired of talking to you obviously you dont understand shit all you know is shit.
    You are a dum and delluded fool go bark on a tree that would listen u are not misinformed asshole you know the truth jew but dont want to say it fucking jew if you were close by abusing arabs i would have shown you what arabs can do cont.
    Maybe you quare got tired of being screwed by the americans and you are looking for an arab to screw you come to lebanon and i promise shoving my booth up your ass samir or is it shamim.
    Go buy a dildo write on it arab an shove it up your jewish ass.
    And if you hate jews and americans so much then what about brittians they too attacked iraq so go into a mall and blow yourself up you will do a lot of people a BIG favour jew.b

  • Samir

    Well well, an arse hole like you obviously cannot reply to any of the issues raised on this forum, so all now you can write about is complete and utter bull shit!! It is now clear to everyone that you are in fact the who is barking like the dog you are, or is that dog turd!! Speaking of queer, which is what you are, a gay male gigolo, Lebanon I believe has just legitimised an organisation for homosexual Arabs in your country, may be you are the founding member of that, since you rasied the issue. Perhaps it is you who needs a dildo up his back side.I think there was an article about Arab gays and Lebanon this on this very forum!! Anyway back to other matters, I have quashed your arguements, and more to the point, I live in Britain, London actually, with people from all over thre world, it is quite a multi-cultural place, there are many good Mulsims here who want to help fellow Muslims in less fortunate parts of the world. I don’t see the point of suicide bombing, since this is HARAM in Islam, obviously you may want to think about that before telling people to blow thmeselves up, WRITING like a true deranged Arab!! There are many Arab nations who are just as much to blame for the war in Iraq, so your arguement about Britain being part of the war effort, does not wash. Atleast we are trying to make some diffrence,and Blair has come under serious pressure over the Iraq war, and calls for his resignation are always on the agenda, it may not be much, but it is something. I think I have made my point clear, and if you can’t be bothered to read, (but thats a lie, because I know you do), then do not bother to write!!

  • Jon

    I think Samir you have hit on some very important points, I think that speaking from an Arab perspective, it pains me to say that the secularizaton of our societies has brought about a decline in religious observance of our values. The music videos are just one part of that, and the organisation for homosexuals in Lebanon you talk about does exist. Although the subject is considered very taboo. In fact there was a report on this on CNN. I think there are secular forces out there that are trying to make infidels of us Muslims, that is why I hate secularism, because it devalues religion. The point you made about women in Muslim societies is very true, they are the very heat beat of any society, and if you corrupt women, then you corrupt society. I find it repuganant that Israeli tourists get the V.I.P. treatment in some Arab countries, I don’t think any Arab nation should even recognise Israels right to exist, as long as they occupy and terrorize our Palestinian brothers and sisters. What the Arab world needs is a revolution, however as you may have noticed, much of the talk on Arab forums is around music, celebrities, etc. Arabs are more “hung up on Madonna”, or waiting for Mariah Carey to perform, to even bother with the more urgent situation such as the Shame brought on the Arab world that Iraq has been taken away from us, and some Arab countries were fully invoved. I hope some day the Ummah will unite against the enemies of Islam.

  • Hassan

    Samir,where are you i taught u said arabs are cowards and especially the lebanese well ass wipe go and watch al manar 8 isrealis dead 21 wounded and 2 captured thats what we do when they come visiting we serve them with bullets up their asses.
    This is what arab lebanese do when jews comes visiting.

  • samir

    I think Hassan you are failing to understand the arguement here. My arguement here is not Hezbullah, they are the only army to have defeated the Israeli’s, and I hope that they continue to do so. My arguement is while Palestnianas brothers and Sisters are dying, what are the rest of ther Arab world doing? Unfortunately Hezbullah is a militia army, I wish there was counrty that had the same mentality, but none does exist. Lebanon is such a mixture of a counrty, it is almost a split between a western style secularism on one side, and more conservative Islamic on the other. Unless other Arab countries in the Gulf and Egypt, Jordan, Syria pluck up the courage to fight the Israeli’s, Hezbullah alone will not be able to make the decisive difference required to put an end to this artificial state of Israel. Looking at things from a much wider perspective, you have to take into account that most of the Arab world have allowed the killing of Palestinians to go on, and have looked the other way. My arguement is very complex, and requires from the perspective of the reader to look at tings from an overall viewpoint. You have to understand that Hezbulah represents only one face of Lebanon, and Lebanese society has many faces.

  • hassan

    Samir, lets stop fighting and talk i said to u before the problem is the arab leaders they are the problem they dont want to loose their riches they are enjoying while the arab people suffer now saudi arabia is condemning what hezbollah did and they did it not only because of exchanging prisoners but because of palestinians because of how they are suffering and now lebanon will pay a price for that with no country backing them my wife and kids and my parents are stuck there but all i can do is hope hezbollah keeps up the arabs arent coward but our goverments are the cowards and there is nothing we can do about it only to revolt and one day it will happen hopefully.

  • Samir

    Hassan, I have already answered on several occassions that it is not all about Arab leaders being backed by the Western powers. Your arguement is very simplistic! History has shown time and time again that there are Muslim nations like Pakistan, Turkey, Iran who are military powers, greater than any of the Arab nations. Pakistan is a nuclear power yet it is an ally of the Americans, do you see the contradiction of your arguement. Turkey is allied to the West, yet is a major military force. Only Iran is not a Western ally, yet its first nuclear reactor was provided by the Americans. Iran is now trying to get nuclear weapons, like Pakistan has. I can’t go over the same arguement because it has been well argued and I have justified significantly the convictions of my arguement, you may want to re-read my lasts posts. With regards to Hezbullah, yes they are fighters, yes they are brave, yes they can give Israel a fight, even a bloody nose, but Hezbullah alone cannot win the end game, they need greater support. Look…Israel just bombed your airport, bombed your capital Beirut, they have complete ownership of the sky. My point being where is the Labanese airforce?? You know Israel is dangerous, a hostile neighbour, yet Lebanon has no airforce. The Israeli’s only last week went over Damascus over the Syrian president palace, violated Syrian airspace, which to any country is an act of war, but what did the Syrians do, where is the Syrian airforce, why did their planes not counter Israeli planes? If Israel violated Pakistan or Irans airspace, or even Turkeys, you bet Israel would get a very harsh response. Why are Arab pilots so poorly trained that they cannot fight the Israeli’s pilots, take Iraq an example of poor training, and we were told that the Iraq’s were the most advanced airoforce in the Arab world, then may ALLAH help the Arab airforces! Going back to Lebanon, like I said, your country has many faces, there many Christian Lebanese who do not like the actions of Hezbullah, in fact they are critical of them. Why is it left to Hezbullah to defend Lebanon, where is the Lebanese army? Why do Arab countries not industrialise, yet they take the easy root of advancing tourism in their country which brings its own decadence and moral corruption. Turkey is indutrsial, as is Iran, Pakistan, and Maylasia and the Arab world industrially very behind. Egypt is dscribed as the most advanced of the Arab states, yet from a Industrial perpesctive it is still very behind non Arab Msulim countries, let alone Western countries. You can be an ally of the West and still be a power, as Pakistan has proved. Considering that the Arab world has had three wars with Israel, it is high time that they pluck up their ideas and invest in becoming stronger military powers. Take the Dubai, and other Gulf Arab states, they are not industrialising, instead they are becoming playgrounds for rich Arabs and Westerners. If you don’t indutrialise, you are not going to be self suffcicient. The Arabs should take a leaf out of Irans and Pakistan’s example, probably and hopefully the only two nuclear Muslim powers of the future

  • Hassan

    Samir, What u r saying is true but u know that lebanon is a country that is majority of muslims but not controlled by them that is because of france and the western countries and during the civil war the muslims suffered greatly from not only themselves but because of isreal and america then later the shias new that the only way to defend them selves was to create an gorilla army which is hizbollah backed by Iran and syria then the shiaas and all the other muslims became safe but now the hariri and some christians and druz are trying to cripple hizbollah because thats what america wants because no arab nation is supposed to be strong that why all the other arab nations are not doing anything because they know that if they try to do so they will end up in war with the west so thats why they dont try that they dont want to die and suffer as the lebanese people are doing they are scared who blames them see what is happening to the lebanese people it is hard kids dying and others when the arab worlds sees what is hapening in palestine and lebanon they keep their mouth shut we have to wait when the imam mehdi (pbuh) we come out and rescue the muslims that is the only way for us to be safe no other way.

  • Samir

    Hassan, I understand what you are saying, and I hope someday that the Arab world will rise up, but like I said, you must look at things from a wider perspective. I know you talk about other Arab countries, but I have given you examples of other Muslim countries who have governments backed by the West, yet have maintained a certain degree of miltary credibility. Let us take Syria, I think we can both agree that the Syrian government is not backed by any Western government, yet Israeli war planes have flown over the Palace of the Syrians President in Damascus, yet where was the Syrian airforce to counter them. Can Isael just do what it likes, violate any sovreign state airspace without due care? Surely the Syrians know the threat from Israel, so why not improve their military infrastructure. Okay let us look at things from another perspective, look at this forum, Lebanon is bleeding, those israeli’s have crippled beirut, yet people on many Arab forums are more concerned with Arab Superstar or something, or Madonna, or someone called Delta goodwin whoever she is. I know of only Iran who are true supporters of Muslim causes in the Musilm and Arab world. I have talked to many Arabs, and believe me when I say that they are more concerened with anything else, except the constant destruction of fellow Muslims in Paletsine, Iraq, Afghnanistan, and now Lebanon. Like you I hope that there is a revolution, but for that to happen, people in the Arab world will have to wake up form their coma, stop trying to be like Western socieities, find their true culture and gain inspiration form Islam as a guiding force. However I amnot optimistic, take Iraq, shia and sunni Arabs are killing each other at a time when they should be so sad.

    Well I know Lebanon and Beirut in particular are being seriously targeted by the Israeli’s, I just want to say despite our diffrenec of opinion, I wish safety for you and your family.

  • hassan

    Samir, this may be my last mail to you and i want you to know that i have decided to be part of this war i am going there to fight and that is what every lebanese arab muslim should do know because this is the time to stand up and face the enemy and if there is any lebanese here reading this message come lets go to syria and enter lebanon there and get ready to defend our country and samir syria are cowards u know that already when they are hit they rely on hizbollah to defend them and know hizbollah is busy so if they hit the planes passing the isrealis will strike them and hizbollah cant save them know but iran has assured them they will be safe but still they are scared to throw a blow it is sad that from the arabs only hizbollah in lebanon stands up to defend not only muslim arabs but arabs in general dont wory samir the time has come for isreal and who ever backs them the imam el mehdi (pbuh) has come and met and met Khameni
    told him let iran continue its nuclear development and iran will be safe the end is near you shall see soon.

  • Samir

    Well, I have to say that I think Israel over-reacted with the whole prisoner thing, and has used dispro-portionate force in attacking Lebanon. Israel is a rogue state, a trouble maker in the region, and the biggest state sponsor of terrorism. It is time that someone taught these arrogant jews a lesson, and I hope Hizbollah does just that. Israel has NO right wahtsoever to attack another sovreign state, and Hizbollah is the only force, as you said that can defend Lebanon from Israeli terrorism. You know only Iran and Maylasia, have actually demostrated against what is happening in Palestine and Lebanon, but nothing from the Arab world and their public, that is ewhat makes me so sad. We are the only ones discussing the plight of Muslims in the Middle East and the rest of the Muslim world. Lebanon is bleeding, yet no one has joined in our discussion to offer support to what is happenoing to our Labanese brothers and sisters, this is what I mean by the Arab world being in a coma, not realising how Western and Jewish powers are dismantling Arab and Mulim countries, Iraq being the perfect example, and now Lebanon.

    I wish you good luck in whatever decision you decide to take, but you may want to consider that taking bold steps come with taking responsability, and I believe you have a wife and children, so may be you should consider their interests as well.

  • hassan

    Hi Samir i am back and i got my family back i was sad i didnt stay my parents and wife refused me to stay i wish i did you can see as i said the arab leaders are on the payroll of america and the western countries dont care of what is hapening in lebanon by the way go into this program and vote against isreal and america and give your friends on whose fault this war is on

  • samir

    Hello Hassan, I have been avidely following the news. It seems to be that Lebanon is increasingly alone even in the heart of the Arab world. If the trueth be told, I think Hezbollah, is the only force in the country that has the capability to stand up to Israel. In fact it is the only force in the Arab world who has the courage to stand up to these murderous zionists! Hassan are you not saddned by how quiet the rest of the Arab world is while Lebanon is getting destroyed? I have to ask you this question, Lebanon knew full well that they had a hostile neighbour in Israel, why then did they not arm he Lebanese army? Why is the whole of Lebanon relying on Hezbollah, the army of GOD, that has to sacrafice themselves for their country? Is it only left to Muslims to defend Lebanon? After all the destruction, why is the Lebanese army not standing up and fighting for their country? If the Lebanese army does not fight now, when will it fight? Where are the Christians, is Lebanon not also their country? Why do they criticise Hezbollah, the true defenders of Lebanon. If it was not for Hezbolla defending Lebanon, I shed to think what could happen. It pains me to see another Muslim country being systematically destroyed while the rest of the world watches. I think Lebanon is the first step to a much ider war, which includes Syria and Iran. Anyway it is good you and your family are safe, let us hope that this war ends soon, and israel ceases to exist.

  • hassan

    Hi Samir, the arab world leaders are the problem especially Saudi,Egypt and the rest they hate Hizbollah because they are shiites and they want them destroyed beleive me this has been going on for decades and they have the jews and americans to help them this should stop and muslims must unite before we say where are the christians we should say where are the arab worlds i know the people are backing Hizbollah but they should move against their leaders to make a move like egypt saying they cant cut their relationship with isreal because of lebanon and saudi saying they cant use their oil because of this war if muslims dont care about each other why should the christians do. We will win this war and if it goes bigger by america joining in iran is there and so is syria because isreal cant win this war alone you can see yesterday they took over marjaaioune in south lebanon in the midnight they lost 13 tanks and now are withdrawing out they can come in but the question is can they stay and as you can see in the news they cant we will win this war and hopefully we will unite no more this is shiite or this is sinna the people are tired of their leaders and they will revolt and unite as one.

  • samir

    Hi Hassan, much has happened over the past week. First of all let me answer to some of the questions you have raised. You say why should the Christians care, sinec Musllims don’t. Well the Christian of Lebanonare Lebanese citizens. Muslims in Egypt, Saudi Arabia for example, are not Lebanese, hence there affiliation with your country , is nopt that strong, even though the people of these countries are Arab. So my arguement still stands, as to why Lebanese Chritians either bad mouth Hezbollah, or during the Lebanese civeil war were very accommodating to the Israeli’s. The way I see things, Hezbollah are the face saving force in Lebanon. If there was no Hezbollah, I don’t think there would be much left of Lebanon, especially with the Zionist expansionist plans. I ask you again, why should Muslims, such as Hezbollah always have to shed blood for their country, why did the Chritians of Lebanon, join Hezbollah and fight for thier country, be ready to lay their lives down for Lebanon. Instead we see Muslims who die for their country. Remember the Christians of Lebanon are citizens of their country, so they should care, Egyptians and Saudi’s are not citizens of Lebanon.

    I know many people say that Hezbollah have achieved vioctory, personally I think no one has won. No one wins in wars, everyone loses, and nothing has changed here. Lebanon has been bombed back twenty years. Hundreds of innocent Lebanese have died, homes have been destroyed, people have become refugees in their own country, and for what exactly? Okay I give full credit to Hezbollah in standing up against the zionists army, and this has given the Arab world a psychological advantage, that Israel is not insurmountable, but what a price to pay. Billions of dollars of infrstaructure destroyed. Howm many families have lost loved ones, and at the end of this we wil probably have a buffer zone. Is this not what the Israeli’s wanted? Lebanon could lose several kilometeres of its land thanks to the buffer zone, how much land will be lost on the Israeli side?, You’ve guessed it none!.

    I don’t think this is a time to celebrate or be too chuffed about what has happened, your country has had to pay a very high price, for this battle, and the war is not over.

  • hassan

    Hi, Samir this war wasnt done by hizbollah and wasnt intended the soldiers kidnapped was because of the exchange of prisoners this was done before and that is the only way to get our prisoners out of there but our problem is mainly from some lebanese idiots in the govermen t like hariri and jumblat and jah-jah they had an agreement with the u.s. of doing something about hizbollah thats why america pushed isreal to continue waging this war isreal wanted to stop because they were suprised by hizbollah strength but america wants them to continue and believe me it will start again but isreal has to pay a huge price and so will we but we have to defend ourselve. the christians who are with us are willing do join in but hizbollah said no that when we need you we will tell you but the rest are with isreal against lebanon our problem is mostly within they dont want we the shiaas to be strong in lebanon but they must know if hizbollah leaves not only the shiias will suffer but all the muslims in lebanon like in 1973,1982, there was no hizbollah but that didnt stop them from attacking the leaders in lebanon done care about us all they care is about money and they are being offered a lot to sell their souls,

  • samir

    Hi Hassan, I think that it is correct to assume that the war was started by israel. I think the reoprts that I have received is that the Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah were in fact inside Lebanese territory, and not in Israel, as the rest of the world media, (which is biased against Muslims anyway), seem to be reporting. Hezbollah wanted prisoner exchange, like it has happened in the past. Israel’s response to Hezbollah was designed as a prelude to the so called attack on Iran. The plan was to destroy Hezbollah so that it could not be used when the war against Iran was to begin. However they have suffered a setback, since Hezbollah is very much still in existence, and armed. Now you have pathetic politicinas talking about disarming Hezbollah, the very militia army that has saved Lebanon from falling into Israeli influence. This war is far from finished, and Israel will probably started all up again, with American backing. It is important for Hezbollah to remain in the south of the country, because Israel, the water hungry zionist state has their eyes on the Latenin river, from which they want to control the water resources. Fortunately Hezbollah stand in their way, and they are the only people in the country which can defend Lebanon from their aggression. This fight with Hezbollah was a military exercise to see how best to fight the war with Iran, however they have taken a set back, and Iran is more influential becasue of it. It also means that Israel’s psychological hold on the armies of the Arab world is diminishing, which can only be a good thing. I see dark times ahead for the region.

  • hassan

    Hi samir, You r right in everything u have said they wanted to destroy hizbollah because of iran they are afraid that when iran is attacked hizbollah will start to bomb isreal from lebanon but you have to understand something if iran is attacked and this war stays between iran and america and isreal hizbollah wont join this war but if the war escalates by other parties joining in from the arab countries or other coutries then this will definetly be a 3 world war then yes hizbollah will join but if not hizbollah wont join this war so it really depends on the war.

  • Samir

    Hi Hassan, in my mind I think there will definitely be a war against Iran, and the pentagon had plans for this as long ago as 1992. It is part of the PNAC agenda, as well supported by AIPAC. Israel will most definitely be involved, like they were in the first Gulf war in 1991. The attack on Iran is in part for the benfit of Israel, becuase this is the only country which will feel threatened by a nuclear Iran. The united States has been in effect fighting Israels war. If Iran was to become a nuclear power, it could mean that it is the main power in the region. isarel wants to be the only major power in the region, hence, was instrumental in the attck on Iraq, and now the attention has turned to Iran. Anyway if America attcks Iran, Iran will attack Israel, and they will get involved, and then possibily Hezbollah could be also asked to run operations against Israel. The bottom line here is that each of our Muslim countries are being targeted one by one, until there is no Muslim power in the world. I think Muslims should now take a stand, Kill Hosni Mubarak, and dictators like him, have a government which truely represenst Muslim sentiments, and stand together to defeat Israel.

  • hassan

    Hi,Samir the right thing to do is that all the arab nations that are friends to america and isreal and has good tighs with them should make a revolution against their leaders and kick them out then if isreal or america want to have a relationship with us it should be to our benefit and isreal should withdraw from all the lands it occupated in the middle east and to stop terrorising muslim people then believe all this bin laden stuff or others i think they will stop the killing and i am not with killing civilians as you know hizbollah doesnt like killing civilians they only attack soldiers but when the isrealies bombed civilian areas so did hizbollah i dont beleieve the west wants peace because if they do they can stop isreal and america from killing our own people then we will stop for sure they know that but they want war and its coming soon they too will suffer its consequences if only the american people or even the isrealy people can stop their govrment from this act of terror they do we can all live in peace they too should revolt and force their leaders to stop their doings then we all will live in peace but its a pity they dont do that they too know if their leaders stop so will the muslims stop but if they dont then our hope is for muslims to unite arabs or non arabs and stop isreal and who ever is backing them thats unfortunately our only hope is to fight and a lot of people will die but this is what the west want.

  • Samir

    Hi Hassan, Israel does not want normal reltions with some of its neighbours. Countless times the Syrians and the Iranians had offered to hold formal talks regarding its recognition, but Israel was not party to any of them. The reason is quite simple, there is a game being palyed in this region. Ther next big war is going to be in the Middle East. Isarel will be involved, as will the Americans, and other Western nations against the Muslm world. This Jewish Christian allliance wants to destroy Muslim countries. The plan of the neo-cons in America and their brethren, i.e the Jews have a plan, it is called the destruction of the Al- Aqsa Mosque, where the Jews want to build their temple and await the arrival of their messiah. The Chritians call this messiah the Anti-Christ. We Muslims call this mesiah the Dajjal. This is the plan, and the the Jews know the onlyb way in which for their plans to go ahead is to weaken every Muslim country, so should they decide to attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque, there will be no Muslim country that can raise its head. This of course is just one aspect of the game being played, the Israeli’s have already started digging under the Mosque. Iraq was just one example where once a powerful counrty in the region has been turned into a failed state. The Israeli’s and the West want to do the same to other powerful Msulim countries such as Iran and may be later Pakistan. Make no mistake there will be a war in the region, it will be a horrible war againsta Iran, and if the Msulim world does not unite, it will pay a very heavy price. The people of the Arab and Muslim world must get rid of their leaders, I don’t care how they do it, but they must! Then you take back all the American airbases which the Americans have in the Middle East, and get rid of any American presence. Israel should not be recognised, it is an artificial state, which has been artificially inseminated into the region. I agree with Iranian president, why should Muslims of the Middle East pay the price for the so called holocost. If the Jews want a home, take East Germany, not PALESTINE!

  • hassan

    Hi Samir, i am surprised that you know about the dajjal not all muslims beleive in this antichrist coming but i guess you know well about the islamic religion some muslims dont ut as you said there will be no unition on the muslim side but there will be i will tell you this so that you know and relax the marjah Al Sayed Khamenei was visited by our Imam AL mehdi peace be upon him and told him not to wory about iran continuing the process of the nuclear energy that america can do anything to iran.
    And this i heard from a very religous person i hope dajjal will come out in our time so that also the imam el mehdi also will come out from where he awaits gods permit for him to come out and declare the unity of islam and there the last war will be fought.

  • Samir

    Hi Hassan,Well…..I am very surprised that you say most Muslims do not know about the Dajjal. The Quran has extensive informaton about the last days, and the anarchy that will spread across the world by the coming of the Dajjal. Don’t you think it is the duty of every Muslim to be vary of such things. After all it is written in the Quran, and it is the duty of every Muslim to read the Quran, don’t you think? The term,”Muslim”, is not a name tag. To be a Muslim, you must understand your religion, just because you are born Muslim, doesn’t mean you are a Muslim. A Muslim is judged by their belief in ALLAH, and their actions in this world. I am not looking forward to the coming of the Dajjal, I think it will be a very unpleasant experience. I wonder how many of the so-called Muslims should they be confronted by the Dajjal would be strong in tbeir belief? I mean let’s say Hassan you are confronted with the Dajjal, you are standing in front of him. The Dajjal shows you two gates. One gate shows FIRE, the other gate shows Heaven, which gate would you walk through??

    Of course Hassan, you would choose the gate where there is FIRE, why…well that is obvious, because the gate which has FIRE is in fact Heaven, and the gate which has HEAVEN, is in fact HELL. You see things are reversed, but the Dajjal even does not know that things are reversed. This of course is written in the Quran, but if Muslims are not reading the Quaran, what gate do you think they would choose? Interesting is it not? As Muslims we should make opurselves knowledgable about Islam, otherwise we remain ignorant.

  • hassan

    Hi Samir, the reason i want to be there when dajjal is out is because also the mehdi peace be upon him will be out to and the people of rightness will follow him and the people of hell will follow the dajjal he will come with what people cherish most money wealth dancing music and a lot of nice girls that is my weakness ha ha ha but i know for sure that i will follow the mehdi pbuh inshallah and then there will be a war between good and evil and inshaallah i will be there to fight and die a Matryr and i wish that for u also my friend how lucky could we b e to be in this war or the one that imam al hussein pbuh was killed in karballah i certainly wish it with all my heart to die in such a war defending my relegion.

  • Nadir

    Every man and women has/his her values.It’s when you don’t want something you’re against to spread to other people is the problem I think.

  • Bobry

    Jesusss :)interesting subject:)
    I think the fight in muslim world begin from the lowest level
    So different opinion betwen us

  • chris

    well! this is an interesting forum ๐Ÿ˜›
    first some peopel attack the singers, the we get support from guys like baba and then samir and hassan meet each other and begin the huge fight! and then they become friends over the hezzballah issue! wow! the internet sure is funny.

  • kathy

    , never fall in love with a arab, !!!!!!!!!, it really hurts!, no i know all arabs are not the same,

  • shawn

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    like they pick any cheap girls from the street that look like goats and gives each an extreme makeover , you learn her some dances with tightest sluttiest clothes on and edit her voice while singing, there a recipe to cheap ho’s! that simple

    and don’t fuckin say omg which year are you in 18th century?

    no hunnies you guys are still dreaming on thinkin you’ll make it to the tv or some but the reasons they come on tv is to get ATTENTION and something called money!

    Maybe history and times has changed but religion hasn’t we should respect it and deal with it but don’t cross the boarders those chickas are givin bad examples of us! i mean now you see these girls with scarfs and half of their hair are showing along with 3/4 trousers and a tight shirt, man get a life take off the scarf or Wear it as it should be!

    yeah we all should have freedom and be all modern and sooo open-minded yeah ok your right but we’re going a totally completely different way!

  • Sami Mahmudiy