Arab Porn Singers

Ok, What the hell am I talking about, I hear you ask.
Well, I’m talking about this new breed of Arab singers who have shitty voices, keep moaning throughout their songs and who look like they’ve just been picked out of a porn movie.

It’s incredible, whatever Arabic music channel you switch to, there’s some new singer’s video and the song sucks, their voice sucks even more, the music is ripped off and they’re totally offbeat.
But wait, they weren’t really counting on all the previous ingredients to lure you, they were counting on the semi-naked woman/women singing, dancing, moaning and groaning to do that.

Then there are the guys who have a bunch of girls strip dancing in the background while they sing about something totally irrelevant.

Where has all this come from?
Why has the woman body become so cheap?
I can’t believe it.

I know this is yet another attempt to immitate the west. But believe me sometimes I feel they’ve even outdone them.
I mean western videos do have a lot of sex, nudity and all, but not to the extent where you feel that the scene was just cut out of a B-rated porn movie.

This really has to stop. It truly should be unacceptable for stuff like this to be on our TV screens.

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