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My name is Mohamed Marwen Meddah; a Tunisian-Canadian blogger and amateur photographer; currently working as web development director at a Canadian media company; Internet enthusiast; passionate about photography; love to travel; music fan; cinema lover.

I was born in downtown Tunis in Tunisia; and throughout my life I have lived in Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Canada up to now.
I’ve been to France, England, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco, Kenya, Zambia and the journey hopefully continues.

I like to think of myself as pro-peace, anti-war, open-minded, moderate, understanding, and know that I’m fascinated by world cultures and religions.

I’m married to a wonderul Palestinian-Jordanian woman I met in university, who blogs too on AquaCool, and the father of 2 wonderful boys, Adam and Arkan.

I studied in Lewisam School and Alexandra Park School in Harare / Zimbabwe, went to the Arab School in Tunis / Tunisia and then did Computer Science in the University of Jordan in Amman / Jordan.

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You can connect with me via social networking sites at:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, last.fm

About Subzero Blue

Subzero Blue is a colour, a shade of blue, my favourite colour.

Subzero Blue is a nickname I used to use on MSN messenger for chatting.

Subzero Blue is the name I once picked for an online music label I wanted to start.

Subzero Blue is my blog, my brain online. It’s where I write about whatever crosses my mind.

Subzero Blue is more or less me.

Oh and one more thing, Subzero Blue has nothing to do with the Mortal Kombat character “Sub-Zero”. I played the game a number of times, yes, but it in no way inspired the name.


Subzero Blue won Best Tunisian Blog award in the Arab Blog Awards.

Subzero Blue was also nominated for the Bloggies under the category “Best Middle Eastern or African Blog” for 3 consecutive years (2004, 2005, 2006) and then I got fed up of running for it, instead I’ll be going the Al Gore way and focusing on the environment 😛

Subzero Blue was chosen as Webby Worthy by the prestigious Webby Awards in 2005.

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Email: mmm(at)subzeroblue.com

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