ONE TV: Ongoing Entertainment

This past weekend while zapping through satellite channels, we found an ad on Dubai TV about a new TV channel called One TV. The ad was really cool that it got me doing a channel search right away.

So, it turns out, starting from December 24th, Dubai’s once boring CH33 was shut down and replaced by this new channel bearing a new name, a new look and a new line-up of the best in American and British programming.

Branded “One TV”, the station is aimed at modern Arabs who enjoy western-style programming, as well as English speaking expatriates.

Blockbuster movies dominate prime time with television’s most popular series, sitcoms, reality shows and kid’s programs rounding up the rest of the grid to offer a unique variety of choices for all tastes and ages.

We’re already hooked on this channel and it’s great programming. I’m truly enjoying the movies and the sitcoms. They’ve already pushed back my bedtime an hour or so already.

Something else worth mentioning is that the movies are censored, so no nudity or sex on the screen. I think even french kisses are cut out. And even though it’s a bit annoying, especially when you’ve already seen the movie before, I think they totally have the right to do this so that it can be a true Arabic family entertainment channel.

For more information on the channel and it’s programming, visit their really cool website: One TV.

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