The Hannibal Channel

So the first private Tunisian TV station, that was code-named Nasr TV, officially has a name and a launch date now.

The name is, hmmm, “The Hannibal Channel”. It should start broadcasting next October on the Hotbird satellite thereby covering most of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

According to Mr. Nasra (The owner of the station), about 30 % of the station’s programs will be dedicated to social topics and women’s issues. The rest of the programming will initially include entertainment, sports and culture. The content of the programs will “evolve based on audience demands,” he said.

Now that’s all great, and I can’t wait to watch this channel and see what new it brings to the Tunisian audiovisual landscape.
But, what’s with the name?!

I mean, ok, as a Tunisian I am proud of our history and heritage, but isn’t it enough about that already?
Why does every other company have to be named after Elissa, Hannibal or Carthage?
Not only in Tunisia, the same trend is mirrored all over the world; in Egypt it’s the Pharaohs, in Jordan it’s Petra, …etc.

I’m fed up of these over-used goal-less names.
Has human creativity run dry?

I honestly think that “The Hannibal Channel” is a bad name for a TV channel, it’s not cool, it’s not fresh, it’s not catchy, in short it’s nothing a TV channel’s name should be.
I’m already thinking about what their logo could look like and I don’t want to think no more, it’s simply a nightmare.

The other day I was zapping through satellite channels, and I ran across an Egyptian channel called Nefertiti. I just laughed at how stupid a name that was and passed.
I wish that wouldn’t have to happen to the first private Tunisian channel.

If anyone from The Hannibal Channel reads this, please consider changing the name while you still can.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

8 thoughts on “The Hannibal Channel”

  1. carthage , hannibal barka , are our roots , so “Hannibal” is the famoust “tunisian” in the world , and HANNIBAL means discovery and exchange , he was Phenician , born in north africa , living in carthaginian spain , and dead in “bithinia” Turkey.
    who forget his history ?? why dumb”american” talk us a thousand time about “american history” , “civil war” , “mayflower” , etc ,etc
    why we should “modernize” or “americanize” our name to be more “Plugged” ????
    we are proud to be tunisian .

  2. I understand your point of view, and I too am a Tunisian who is very proud of our history and heritage.

    But what I’m saying is that these names have become so overused.
    I just think that we Tunisians can be more creative.

    I don’t want us to imitate the west and copy their footsteps, I want us to be original and to have our own style.

    Furthermore, it’s not about being plugged or cool, it’s about choosing an original strong meaningful name that can be developed into a powerful brand.

    I just want to insist that I mean no offense whatsoever, and that I’m very happy that a Tunisian private TV station is opening and I’m totally supportive of it.
    I just had an opinion and thought I’d say it.
    It wasn’t meant as any sort of bad criticism.

  3. I was trying to track down the guy who posted a comment about that new tv channel but didn’t manage to find out what is email was. So if you can read me, please email me at as I would like to meet up with you sometimes this September.
    I honestly like your point of view and above all, find you quiet innovative in the way you interpret things.

    Also, if you want we could have a cup of coffee or something and chat a little about other issues that slow down tunisian free spirit…

    Now, I hope Nasr will hear you and will do something about that cheezy name he got for his TV channel.

    Keep up the good job and please keep in touch.


    A Tunisian Brother.

  4. breathe !! ohhw!!
    ya lawled ya3tikom essa77a, i really like both of your ideas. i dont think the word “hannibal” is such a big deal for a tv channel,but i just liked the way your conversation went and i wanted to sa “bravo”

  5. breathe !!
    ya lawled ya3tikom essa77a, i really like both of your ideas. i dont think the word “hannibal” is such a big deal for a tv channel,but i just liked the way your conversation went and i wanted to sa “bravo”

  6. dear sirs

    i am very much interested in this channel. i just want the exact times for broadcasting these two korean series:
    1- jewel in the palace
    2- emperor of the sea



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