Special Perfect Bed Days

It’s morning again; you subsconsciously know, because the birds that have chosen to build their nest behind your air conditioners’ engine are chirping away ever so merrily, stretching out their wings, getting ready to face a busy day of doing whatever it is that birds do.
A few of the sun’s rays have also managed to make their way through the blinds to teasingly tickle your face, attempting to promise you a beautiful day outside.

The bloody alarm clock will start beeping like crazy in a few minutes, teasing you with every bit of energy it holds within its triple A batteries, and even though you have the snooze button to thank for a few extra precious seconds of sleep, you know you’ll have to give in and wake up anyway.

But today it’s going to be harder than usual; today is one of those special perfect bed days; you know those days where you’re stretched out in the optimal, most relaxing position; where the cover is so soft, engulfing you, hugging you at all the right places; where the warmth of the bed is just right; the coolness of the pillow is absolutely perfect and you feel like you could just linger on in that moment forever. It’s days like this that are the hardest to wake up from bed in.

These days don’t happen quite often too; only 4 or 5 days a year; it’s a shame to miss them and have them ruined by some stupid alarm clock, reminding you of one of your life’s daily pending obligations.

Personally, I believe we should be able to just stay in on days like this, enjoy the moment for as long as it lasts; but no, our personal sleep satisfaction doesn’t figure in any corporate policies or job laws.
Who cares whether you enjoy your sleep or not? In fact, they’d be full of envy to know that you’re having one of those days and they’re not.

So you face the reality that’s been haunting you for the past minutes, you open your eyes to a new day, which you hope, once again, won’t be just another routine loop in your life; and you drag yourself slowly, against your will, out of your perfect bed.