Flickr Now Totally Blocked In The UAE

Today, Du followed the lead of Etisalat and went ahead and blocked the photo sharing service Flickr, meaning that Flickr is now no longer accessible from the UAE through any of the ISPs.
I’m guessing it’s because of all the x-rated material that is available on Flickr. But, it’s not like blocking Flickr is going to stop people who look for that kind of material from finding it.

This totally sucks! All my photos are hosted on Flickr where I have a pro account, and now I’m unable to access my photos or upload any new ones because of this.

In fact, before even moving to Dubai, my mind was made up that I’d go for an internet connection with Du and not Etisalat, specifically because of Flickr, and now they’ve gone ahead and let me and so many other people down with this move.

The following is the message anyone on Du will face when they try to access Flickr starting this afternoon.

Du Block

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do for my photos now and whether I’ll just join another service or just launch a photo blog section here under Subzero Blue. I’m currently leaning towards the latter option; at least that way I’ll have more control over my photos. Will keep you updated.

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