Google Chrome, Google’s New Open Source Browser Has Landed

Google ChromeThe buzz in the online world these past 24 hours or so have all been around Google’s new open source web browser, under the name of Google Chrome.

There have been rumors about a Google browser for ages now, with people suspecting it will be called GBrowser, or simply Google Browser; but those rumors never materialized until yesterday when Google “accidentally” let slip some comics presenting the new browser; and then followed up with a blog post, announcing a beta would be released today.

I went through the comic book talking about the product’s details and I think it is a great way to present the product and I recommend that anyone interested check it out here.

The beta was officially released some minutes ago, and I got to download it and play around with it a bit, and I have to say I’m really impressed and loving it up to now.

It has a very clean and simplistic interface, maximizing the browsing area; and it is really fast.

Google Chrome screenshot

The browser uses the WebKit rendering engine, the V8 JavaScript Virtual Machine, an optimized approach to tabs, a homepage presenting most visited websites, and a number of security and privacy options; in addition to other interesting features.

I think this is a really promising product from Google; and I can’t wait to see where they take it, and what it will do for web apps.

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