Abu Dhabi Media Company Sets Eyes On Hollywood

Interesting news from the Abu Dhabi Media Company today…

Abu Dhabi Media Company today announced the formation of a new company that will develop, finance and produce content for both the global and Arabic language markets. Imagenation Abu Dhabi, a wholly owned subsidiary, intends to spend in excess of US$1 billion over the course of the next five years in the creation of both full length feature films and digital content.

From its base in Abu Dhabi, Imagenation Abu Dhabi will enter into partnerships with high-profile US-based and other international producers to develop and produce content for distribution throughout the world. The company’s remit also extends to supporting Middle East filmmakers and Arabian film production.


Edward Borgerding, CEO of Imagenation Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Media Company, said: “With Imagenation Abu Dhabi, we are bringing Hollywood and the international production community to Arabia. Our aim is to make award-winning films which are commercially successful and appeal to audiences across the world.

“Our target output of eight films every year will make imagenation abu dhabi one of the world’s top producers of feature films and establish Abu Dhabi as a leading centre for content creation,” said Borgerding.

[Source: BI-ME]

Hopefully the movies they’ll be producing will indirectly help pass on a more positive image about Arabs and Muslims, and break the negative stereotypes we see in hollywood movies these days.

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