Mozzarella’s Open Sauce Browser In Tunis Hebdo Newspaper

Today’s Tunis Hebdo newspaper has the following bit of “interesting” news in it:

Mozzarella Open Sauce
La fondation Mozzarella veut faire entrer son navigateur Open Sauce Firefox 3 dans le Livre Guinness des Records…

Which in English means:

The Mozzarella foundation wants to enter its Open Sauce browser Firefox 3 in the Guinness book of records…

Neat, huh? So yeah, it’s Internet meets Pizza. The guy must’ve been hungry while writing the article.

But it doesn’t stop there, this article is actually a rip-off from another website, the content is basically copy-pasted.

So they’re not only guilty of stupidity, but also of plagiarism at the same time.

Certainly makes a person proud of the high level of journalistic professionalism available in the country.

Of course what they really wanted to talk about what was the Mozilla foundation asking fans of their Firefox browser to download Firefox 3 when it’s released so that they can break the record of most downloaded software in a day and get into the Guinness book of records.
Now would it have been so hard for them to check their facts and write a correct mini-article about this?
What a shame!

[Via: Montassar]

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