Oil, Food, Control And The Arab World

Just came across this interesting quote by Henry Kissinger in the mid 1970’s:

“Control the oil and you control entire nations; control the food and you control the people.”

~ Henry Kissinger

Rings very true, even if in a conspiracy theory kind of way, but yet if we look at the Arab world; we control most of the oil in the world, and we produce a lot of the food in the world, and have the potential to produce even more, yet there isn’t an area of the world that has less control, even over its own future.
What does that tell us?

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

6 thoughts on “Oil, Food, Control And The Arab World”

  1. “That we’re stupid?”
    Ah, you walked into that one, MMM.

    [laughter fading…]

  2. @Almondosero: Yep, among other things 😛

    @Janissary: Yep, I set myself up for that, but it was on purpose btw 😉

    @momo: It’s the same all over the world, unfortunately.

  3. The Arabs do not control their oil with the NWO/Zionist/OPEC taking over more and more as well as installing their puppet governments and won’t control their food for long as when we “give you democracy”, you get Monsanto!! The IMF and the Bank(s) of Rothschild control (or will soon) all of the money and that’s how you control who eats/travels/works/survives!!!

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