New Wind Farms To Be Built Throughout Tunisia

Some more good eco-friendly news from Tunisia…

Three wind farms with a total capacity of 120 megawatts of electricity will be built by 2009 in Bizerta, Jendouba and Beja.

Tunisia’s wind power energy strategy aims at increasing the total electricity production resulting from this non polluting form of energy to 175 MW by 2010, thus amounting to some 4,2% of the electricity production in the country.


… the Tunisian government has so far pledged some 18 million dollars of funds for setting up the project.

[Source: Tunisia Online News]

Tunisia already has one wind farm in Hawariya (Cap Bon), that was built 15 years ago, and began producing 8.7 megawatts (MW) of electricty. In 2003, the government further developed the site further; it is expected to produce 34 MW of electricity by next year.

I personally think it’s great the country is investing in these clean, natural sources of energy, both cutting costs and playing a role in protecting the environment.

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