Italian Firm Plans $22 Billion Tunisia Resort

Italian property firm Ernesto Preatoni Group will invest 15 billion euros ($22 billion) in a luxury resort of hotels and holiday homes in northwest Tunisia, it was reported yesterday.

The project includes a high-class tourism complex, hotels, leisure centers and ports in the northwest of Tunisia; Work will start before the end of this year and will last 12 years.

So another outside investment in the tourism sector in Tunisia. Tourism obviously is one of Tunisia’s biggest sources of income, and so investments in this area are always very good news; but I really wish we start seeing big investments like this in other areas as well, mainly service-based and production-based businesses; Tunisia has a well-educated workforce in several industries and the government has put in place many incentives for outside investors that should make it a really great destination for such kinds of investments.
Plus, I think it’s very important for Tunisia to diversify the areas of investment and income for the country, as well as build up and modernize different sectors to absorb the newer generations of Tunisian graduates and job-seekers.

[Source: Reuters]

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