Fidel Castro Resigns; US Sanctions Fail

I posted on Twitter this morning about Fidel Castro’s resignation as president of Cuba and commander-in-chief of Cuba’s military.

I heard the news in the morning, and thought about posting it on the blog, but I didn’t really have much to say about it. It’s hard to really judge a person like Fidel Castro who is seen as a hero by so many people and a hated dictator by so many others; it’s obvious both sides have credible and real points; in the end, all I hope for is for things to get better for the Cuban people, whether it be from the sanctions or from his rule.

Anyway, what made me change my mind and write about it is this entry by Jon Swift, titled: Castro Resigns! Sanctions Work!

I just couldn’t believe the logic behind it; this person and several commenters on his blog actually think the US sanctions worked and that they were behind Fidel Castro finally giving up and resigning.

Just a few facts: The U.S. has been trying to get rid of Fidel Castro for 50 years now, 10 U.S. administrations have tried to topple him, there have been 638 assassination attempts against him, strict sanctions have been imposed on the country; and nothing worked.

To even suggest that the sanctions are what made Fidel Castro take this decision is unrealistic, laughable, and naive.

Plus, what about his decision is a victory for the U.S.?
I don’t think they were against Fidel as a person, but rather against his regime; will it make any difference under his brother Raul’s rule?

The man is only leaving because he’s a step away from the grave; he’s been seriously ill for a few years now; and everyone has been expecting to hear about him passing away anytime now.

Sanctions don’t work! Period!
All they do is ruin the lives of millions of citizens, while helping the rulers/dictators strengthen their grip on the country and make things even worse.
Sanctions haven’t worked in Cuba, they haven’t worked in Iraq, they didn’t work in Libya, they’re not working in Iran, nor are they working in Zimbabwe, …etc.

The US sanctions were/are a failure; Fidel Castro finally left of his own free will; after all he could have chosen to rule until his death.

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