Middle East Indebted To Bush??!!

While checking out the news today, I came across what has to be one of the dumbest articles in the history of news and media; it’s so stupid I thought the guy who wrote it was actually just being sarcastic, but no it turns out he’s seriously deranged as he believes what he wrote.

The article’s title is: “Middle East indebted to Bush“; I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it; Do I even need to go any further to show how crazy this person is?

In the article he talks of the malignancy of the Middle East, how Arabs’ independence was won for them by Britain & France but they were still incapable of lifting themselves up from the broken ruins of their tribal culture, which he says is the root of Arab failure for which they blame the Jews and Israel instead of of embracing the modern world.
Interesting sickly twisted view of history and Middle Eastern affairs, don’t you think?

But it gets even weirder when he writes the following:

George Bush could have remained indifferent to the Arab-Muslim world’s malignancy, mouthing pieties as members of the ever fashionable lib-left political class in the West endlessly does, while watching the Arabs sink deeper into the political squalor of their making.

Instead, Bush struck directly at the most rotten core of the Middle East — Iraq, the land of two rivers, choked to death by the vilest of Arab tyrants in recent memory, Saddam Hussein — to give the Arabs an opportunity one more time to make a better future.


A democratic Iraq is George Bush’s formidable legacy, and the Arabs will be talking about him long after his contemporary critics bite the dust and are forgotten.

There is a person on Earth who actually thinks George Bush will leave a legacy behind him, and not any legacy, a formidable one too, in the form of a war that further tore apart a country that was already in ruins, installed a sectarian divide in the country, took thousands of lives from both sides, and did nothing but widen the gaps between people, ruin the image of America in the region, and fuel more hatred.

The only thing George Bush will be remembered for, his only “legacy”, is the fact that he is the worst President of the United States of America to date, something both Arabs and Americans agree on.

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