Jill Sobule Tries To Make Fan Funded Album

Jill SobuleAmerican singer-songwriter Jill Sobule is another artist attempting to break away from the recording industry machine; her approach is by turning to her fans to fund her next album.

She has launched a website called Jill’s Next Record through which she’s collecting donations from her fans in an attempt to come up with $75,000 for recording the album and other related costs.

In return for her fan’s donations, she will be giving them prizes according to the size of the donation.
Donations can go from $25 up to $10,000; while her prizes go from sending out an advanced copy of the CD to being mentioned on the CD to getting a house concert or even getting to sing on the CD with her.

I really think it’s an interesting approach, and a very good way to break free from the greedy music industry giants. I wish Jill the best of luck in getting her album made and that her fans enjoy every bit of it.

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