Zitouna FM – Tunisian Koran Radio Station

Zitouna FMZitouna FM, a new private Tunisian radio station for the Holy Koran was launched today, September 13th 2007, the first day of Ramadan, 1428 of Hegira, broadcasting its programmes non-stop, covering more than 90% of the Tunisian population.

The radio station is based in Carthage, where it will be broadcasting from. Its programmes will be 80% focused on the Holy Book, with you Tunisians reciting the Koran.

The other programmes will be devoted to the Sira of Prophet Mohamed, accounts of the prophets and invocations, in addition to courses in phonetics and Koran psalmody, as part of interactive programmes with the listeners.

The radio station will broadcast continuously the five daily prayers, from the El Abidine Mosque. The “Tarawih” and Friday prayers will also be broadcast from other Tunisian mosques.

Zitouna FM is now Tunisia’s third private radion station, after Mosaique FM and Jawhara FM, it was created by Mr. Mohamed Sakhr Materi, and is headed by Mr. Kamel Omrane, a university professor.

The have quite a good website too at ZitounaFM.net, where you can find the FM frequencies depending on where you are in Tunisia, prayer times, the show schedules, and more information.
You can even listen to the radio station live online: Zitouna FM Live

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