The Person In The Mirror

Mirrors are all around us, and there isn’t a day that goes by without us taking a look at ourselves in at least one of them.

Some people spend more time in front of the mirror than others, while some just take a quick glimpse while walking by.

Most times, when you look at the mirror, you see a dumb reflection of yourself, you straighten your hair, check out your smile, sweep your tongue over your teeth in an attempt to make them even whiter or shinier, maybe wink at yourself if you’re the kind that does that, and then go.

But sometimes if you look a bit closer, the reflection will disappear and in its place you’ll find a person staring back…

This person is one of two: A happy you, who feels good about where he is in life, and recognizes himself directly, and is comfortable with what he is and where he’s going.

Or the person looking back at you could be someone you don’t recognize, someone who looks just like you but who is not really happy, who isn’t really where he wants to be in life, somebody you just don’t see your true self in. And that’s a signal that you have to do something to get your life back on a track that will make you a happier person.

Mirrors are everywhere, and they hold this great power to tell us where we stand in life, and how happy we are about it; so maybe we should try to use them towards this effect more often.

To end this post, I thought I’d share this great quote I found, by an unknown source, that goes:

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