Google Offers $10M To Boost Green Transportation Technology, Google’s philanthropic arm, has announced that it will offer $10M to start-ups offering the best ideas for advancing “sustainable transportation.”

The company has issued a request for proposals (RFP) from entrepreneurs and for-profit companies for ideas to support the technologies, products and services needed to accelerate plug-in hybrid electric vehicle commercialization while promoting societal and environmental change.

“The severity of global warming requires solutions from NGOs, governments, individuals and (very importantly) the private sector,” the company said in a statement. “While $10 million is a fraction of the total investment needed to transform our transportation sector, we hope this RFP will help catalyze a broader response.” has already given away $1 million in grants to a number of nonprofit organizations and now wants to expand its reach into the private sector.

This round of grants is part of’s RechargeIT initiative, launched in June, to help stop global warming.

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[Source: ComputerWorld]

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