Fish Museum Aquarium – Carthage

Yesterday, we thought we’d go check out the Aquarium in Carthage, the Fish Museum as they call it, or “Dar El Hout” (Fish House) as it’s called in Arabic.

It’s located in Carthage near the old Punic Ports.

A number of people told me about the place before, and I was expecting a really cool aquarium, but I was somewhat let down, as it turned out to be pretty mediocre.

The “Fish Museum” is divided into three parts; a Historic one giving insight into the maritime/marine history of Tunisia, Fresh water fish and salt water fish.
There aren’t really that many unique species of fish to see, just the usual ones from the Mediterranean region; the same ones you’d see at the nearest Tunisian fish market, if not less.

It’s a shame that establishments such as this one and the zoo in Belv

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