10 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

One of the problems a lot of people face, especially those who freelance, work from home and have their own businesses, is that the line between their professional and personal lives becomes so blurred, and almost non-existent.

This affects both their lives, how much they’re able to enjoy them and even how much they’re able to give in them.

An interesting post that I found on Web Worker Daily gives a list of 10 ways to achieve a better work-life balance, that I think applies to everyone.

1. Don’t always be connected.
2. Limit work; Set working hours.
3. Make life a priority. What do you want to do besides work?
4. Batch small tasks together and do them all at once.
5. Define what you want to do today.
6. Limit meetings & communication.
7. Do the hard stuff first.
8. Slow down. Do less, but focus on the important stuff.
9. Schedule your day in blocks.
10. Be firm. Set clear boundaries.

Read the full post here: 10 Ways for a Web Worker to Achieve Work-Life Balance.

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