Dutch MP Calls for Ban on Quran

Bits of news like this show me we have yet a long long way to go ahead of us before anything like peace, understanding and mutual respect is reached…

A Dutch member of parliament has called for the Quran to be banned in the Netherlands, describing it as a “fascist book” which calls on people to kill non-believers and rape women.

Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party, called for the ban in a letter published in De Volkskrant newspaper.


“I am fed up with Islam in the Netherlands: no more Muslim immigrants allowed. I am fed up with the worship of Allah and Muhammad in the Netherlands: no more mosques,” his letter concluded.

[Source: Al Jazeera]

With fools like this guy in governments and high places from both sides of the divide, the madness will just go on and on, making things worse and worse for us all.

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