Bora Yoon Plays Music Using Mobile Phones

So, what do you know, mobile phones can serve to produce music that isn’t always as annoying as ringtones…

“A cell phone is as good an instrument as a piano,” says Bora Yoon, a 27-year-old Korean-American who is becoming famous for playing the portable phone as a musical instrument. On Friday Yoon performed at the Time Warner Center’s Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, the dream stage for aspiring jazz artists.

The performance sponsored by Samsung Electronics proved that cell phones can indeed serve as high-tech instruments. Violinist and vocalist Yoon used the tones of the phone’s keys, and combined them with piano, violin, xylophone and loudspeaker sounds. The music, on top of her bright purple dress and the night view of Central Park outside the concert hall, impressed the audience.

[Source: Digital Chosun Ilbo]

It sounds pretty cool, I’d really like to listen to the resulting music.
I’ll be searching for some sound or video clips.

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