Common Sense Business (Steve Gottry)

Last night I finished reading Steve Gottry’s book Common Sense Business : Starting, Operating, and Growing Your Small Business–In Any Economy!
I guess the title says it all and pretty much explains what the book is about.

I went through this book pretty quickly, it’s an easy simple read, in which the author pulls from his business experience and the ups and downs he’s been through to share his experience with the reader and give advice on how to start, operate and grow a small business.

It covers the whole life cycle of a small business, how to build on your assets, how to face your natural enemies and well how to take an alternate route if you’re forced to.

I think it’s a really good read and practical guide based on real personal experience, it’s very useful for any person planning to launch a business or already running one.
I would have liked it to get into a bit more detail on the initial phases of business concept creation and the launch details, but well I’m just being greedy I guess.

If you’re interested, you can buy the book here: Common Sense Business (Steve Gottry).

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