Mobile Phones & Me

For a very long time, I hated mobile phones and didn’t see much use for them, and honestly speaking, I still don’t like them that much to this very day.

I only got my first mobile phone after my first to-be-employer emailed me saying they were trying to call me on my home line to set up a job interview but weren’t able to get a hold of me.

After that, the idea of a mobile phone for me was mainly a device that I could use to contact whoever I wanted, anytime, anywhere I was, but as I’m not much of a babbler, I do that very rarely and only when it’s really important.
But the big downside was that other people could also call me whenever they wanted, wherever I was, at anytime they wanted, even when it’s not important. That I don’t like at all.

So basically, the perfect mobile phone for me would be one that I could use to call people, but that wouldn’t accept calls. A one way thingie.

But the problem is that in all of those calls that I don’t want, there are some that are either urgent or from people that I’d actually like to hear from.

In a perfect mobile phone there should be a feature to take decisions on whether to accept the call or not depending on who the person is, what the subject of the call will be about, and a number of other factors.

As that requires a lot of artifical intelligence from the phone, maybe it could be done simpler and there could be some way for me to configure the times when I’m not willing to accept calls (evenings, weekends), who I’m willing to accept calls from at the different times of the day (close family almost always, friends only after work, work colleagues only in work times, some people never, …etc).

As for all the other features that manufacturers throw on phones today, they’re really secondary, what I think they should work on is offering more flexibility in using a mobile phone and configuring it as the communication tool that it is and will always be.

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