Manchester… Here I Am…

I haven’t blogged for a few days, and that’s because I’ve been away from home on a trip to Manchester, UK.

I’m here to attend a series of workshops that are being held under the umbrella of the Reachout project.

The programme has been pretty tiring and I haven’t had a chance to really go out and discover Manchester that much yet, but hopefully I will be trying to go out more and see more of the city in the coming days.
I’ll be taking as many photos as possible and sharing them with you once I’m home.

I miss my wife and son enormously and I wish they could’ve been here with me; I can’t help but get that sense again that no matter how great the place is, what’s more important is who you have there to share and enjoy it with.

Everybody in Tunisia told me I had to go to a Manchester United game, but as I’m not really a big football fan, I guess I’ll just pass on that; I’d rather spend more time discovering the city and all it has to offer, especially with the really limited time I have.

The weather here is quite chilly, but not anywhere as cold as I expected, I guess the effects of global warming are hitting everywhere.

Anyway, I’ll get going now, and till next time, cheers…

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