News Bytes From Tunisia

While doing my regular round of the news this morning, I came across a number of interesting news from Tunisia, so I thought I’d post a little round-up of these news, and who knows, I might start doing this regularly.

Starting January 1st, 2007; Tunisian mothers, with one child or more who wish to devote time to raising a family while retaining their job, will be able to work half time for two thirds of their salary.

The Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), one of Tunisia’s main opposition parties, has elected a woman, Maya El Jeribi, as its leader, making her the first woman to lead a political party in Tunisia.

Following a recent pilot experience led in Gammarth, the Tunisian Ministry of Transport aims at generalizing the use of natural gas in the whole network of the Tunisian “Transtu” bus company, as well as equipping some 3000 taxis in the capital.

Details are still shady about an exchange of fire between national security agents and a gang in Hammam-Chott, one of Tunis’ southern suburbs. The results: Two dead, four wounded and two arrested.
Various Tunisian press sources report different stories; from the gang being international drug trafickers, to them being known wanted criminals, to speculation about them being a terrorist cell planning attacks on New Year’s Eve. In the end, we’ll just have to wait for more details from the official sources.

A new Mauritanian Airline Company named “Mauritania Airways”, that will cover domestic, regional and international routes, was recently created based on a triangular partnership between Mauritania, Tunisia’s national airline company “Tunisair” and Mauritanian public and pivate participation. Tunisair holds 51% of the venture.

I guess that’s enough news from Tunisia for today…

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