Esata, A New Language

While surfing around the net, I came across this new language called Esata.

Esata is a newly designed ‘constructed language’, developed by Pafu. It is a bare bones version of the English language, which has also been internationalized to a high degree. In the target language, Esata is a ‘phrase word’ meaning ‘know (how to) speak.’

In Esata a compromise is being sought between the now globally dominant English, and the rest of the world’s major languages.

There are several features of Esata that should interest researchers in the area
of artificial languages. It is regular and highly compact, with text lengths considerably shorter than those of English.

A novel feature is the use of ‘phrase words’ abbreviated forms allowing definition of new vocabulary and concepts, both from English and from all the world’s major languages. Esata also contains an (optional) new alphabet, which can represent up to 4 normal letters in a compact yet easy to read matrix.

Words are formed from syllables of consonant plus vowel. The normal English
alphabet is used, but vowels have only one sound, and some consonants have
different sounds (c as ch, x as sh).

For more about Esata, check the following links:
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It’s interesting how some people still think we need more and more languages to communicate, when I think the problem is not in the lack of languages but rather in our unwillingness to communicate and listen to each other.

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