Astrology Is Not A Science!

Astrology chartI don’t believe in Astrology, not one tiny bit, I think it’s total crap and nonsense, but I don’t care if others around me do, and I don’t give them a hard time for it.
Everyone is free to believe whatever they want to believe, right?

But what does piss me off is when some of the people who believe in Astrology start talking like they’re so damn sure of it, analyzing and judging me, foreseeing my future, while claiming that it’s a well-founded science.
Well it’s not!

Astronomy is a science, but not Astrology; Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs in which knowledge of the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial events.
Astrology, at best, can’t be considered more than a pseudoscience; a body of knowledge, methodology, belief, or practice that claims to be scientific but does not follow the scientific method.

So whatever Astrologers say or write is not based on any kind of scientific fact, it’s just a bunch of unfounded claims and ideas, that I personally find nonsensical.
Where is the sense of believing that a group of people who were born in the same month, week or even day are all going to turn out to share so many things in their personalities, lives and futures?!
And where is the sense in Saturn, Jupiter or some other dumb planet affecting world events?

If you want to believe in the crap Astrologers are selling, it’s fine by me, do as you wish and believe what you wish, that’s your choice; just keep it away from me, don’t apply it on me, and certainly don’t even think of telling me that it’s a science! The next person who does that risks getting his head bitten off!

  • Tarek

    Hmm…I have palm-reading skills Marwen! Do you think this is also nonsense? Well, scan your palm, send me the photo by email, and I will uncover past and future parts of your life ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Eid and 2007 tou you and your family! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hannibal

    Marwen! Calm down my friend!:)I am scared to death :)I just posted something on the recent 2007 predictions by Tunisian Astrologer Charni ๐Ÿ˜› will you read my post at least ?:)

  • MMM

    @Tarek: Palm reading is a totally different thing, it’s a well-founded science that nobody can deny, the science of making up bullshit on the fly ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Hannibal: Well I just read your post, and no need to be afraid, I don’t feel like biting your head off yet ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Hatem

    I don’t know if you saw TV5 this month, there was a long discussion on the subject, but without any result :-) Astrologers will never listen or understand anything from what you are saying, it’s like trying to prove to an atheist that God exist !

  • oranginaaa

    The Sun and Venus in compatible Capricorn and a gathering of planets in Sagittarius likewise indicate an enjoyable time spent with family/friends. You might find yourself denying some facts, but that’s normal as bloody Saturn is in your chart this month, With the Moon in your sign, you come into your own on Eid Aladha Day. New Year

  • MMM

    @Hatem: Nope I must have missed that show. And of course there’ll be no result, as long as they have legions of people buying into their crap, why should Astrologers admit that it’s a load of bull?
    I personally think it’s easier to prove that God exists to an atheist than to get someone who believes in Astrology to see how nonsensical it is.

    @Orangina: Ok, it’s official, you’re on my list of people who are going to get their heads bitten off ๐Ÿ˜› If only you weren’t that far away.
    I won’t email an orange friend, i’m chatting to that orange friend right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ian Hough

    Astrology is indeed a “b.s” science, but we have to look to its origins to see why it was considered a science by the wisest and most educated men from early times. Take, for instance, the frequently-flooded deltas of Bangladesh; these headwaters would flood periodically, and in the floodwaters there would be carried vast numbers of shellfish, and other organisms, within which were contained microscopic dinoflagellates responsible for poisoning people and animals across the world. The floods always occurred at a certain time in the moon’s apogee/epigree cycles, and a little while after the waters had receded, it was noted that a large fraction of that human population fell ill with poisoning from the invisible sea creatures. The wise men of the time came ton make a connection not between the floods and the intrusion of microbes, but to the position of the moon and the sudden illness in the population. Hence, in time the “wisest” ones could forecast when a plague was going to come, based on the position of the moon. This is a good example of how astrology evolved to be a once respected “science”. The world is ever-changing and sometimes the artifacts and artifices become merged and the truth lies somewhere in between…

  • Leo Mannori

    The problem is that most people who claim astrology is a science don’t know what a science actually is.

    And I think if there’s any dispute about whether something is a science or not, it generally isn’t a science. Do people really think the actual scientific community (consisting of rational thinkers) is at all indecisive about whether drawing wild conclusions about destiny and fortune from astronomy is a science?

    Astrology is just a game that people have taken far too seriously and have used to justify their obscure spiritual beliefs for far too long.

    I suppose astrology is a cheaper mid-life crisis than buying a porche.

  • Xarcifen

    So astrology is a bunch of crap yet you believe in god? it’s both something that cannot be proven at this time with physical evidence, this is called Dogma.

    Oh please don’t be so narrow minded, just because your horoscope came out crappy 1 too many times doesnt mean you got to be a hater. All im seeing you do is belittle something that you’ve no knowledge about yet act like you know everything. You should just chill out, and find something better to do with your spare time :)

    btw, if you say something stupid along the lines of biting my head off, it just proves how retarded you must be in life :)

  • surendra n patwardhan

    i am enjoying write ups on astrology. indeed writer is matured saying that he has no issue for others to follow. thanx. as far as astrology it is the best science indeed. i am an engineer and practicing it for 20 + years. there are more than laks of books on astrology, kindly do not put your feeling as fact, it needs some base. if i ask to show your mind can you? still psychology is a science. if i ask to show electricity , can you ? certainly not, but i can see illuminated lamp. can you sence gravitational force ? but throw some thing and you come to know about it. everything can not be shown in laboratory as lab has its own limitation. but we can prove some thing based on experiance , this is called as – Anuman in our language.
    in Indian culture there are another six ways to prove a thing right or wrong.
    no issue , think on this and come back.
    wish u all the best future.
    Dr. surendra n patwardhan , pune, india.

  • Samanzubair

    dude you should thank Parke Kunkle for proving your point further that astrology is not authentic at all! ๐Ÿ˜› astrologers have suddenly added this new 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus to the list and from now on they are going to judge people on that. haha! they are even saying it will apply only to people borm after 2009….how lame.. Thus Astrology can’t be science since its not reliable at all…

  • Goals

    Real people make their own destinys. They don’t follow random words by an illegitimate field of study.

    Free will and destiny are in those hands who know that reality and time are the only variables that lead to one path.