Top Habit Goals on 43 Things

The guys over at 43 Things have released a list of the the top habit goals from the site’s users, including:

– Stop procrastinating: 11615 people
– Drink more water: 7309 people
– Take more pictures: 6598 people
– Save money: 5554 people
– Read more books: 5120 people
– Exercise regularly: 4023 people
– Eat healthier: 3923 people
– Wake up when my alarm clock goes off: 3759 people
– Quit Smoking: 3555 people
– Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working: 3258 people

Really interesting… Being a non-smoker and therefore not having to quit smoking, the rest of the top 10 should be on my list if it’s not already there.

[Via: LifeHacker]

Update: Yahoo has dropped plans to use Mexico’s Teotihuacan archaeological site for its time capsule project after authorities fearing damage to the ancient ruins denied them permission. (Thanks to Muh’d Mansour)

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