655,000 Iraqis Dead

US researchers estimate that 655,000 Iraqis, or around one in 40 of the Iraq population, have died as a result of the 2003 invasion of their country, according to a study published today by the British journal The Lancet.

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4 thoughts on “655,000 Iraqis Dead”

  1. I see They found you, Mohamed. (See previous comment.) They represent a polemic somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun, comprising what used to be the extreme right end of our G.O.P. [Grand Old Pedophiles] Party, aka the Republican Party. These days they’re far more representative of the GOP.

    Previous casualty guesstimates were very low, I thought. And this may one be a tad high, but sadly probably won’t be by the time we bring the troops home–yesterday advertised as sometime after 2010. The U.S. Army is again meeting it’s recruitment goals–barely–this by maintaining or lowering the intelligence and pyschological scores required for enlistment. Expect to see more of our young sociopathic horrors unleashed upon the Iraqi people. (I commend to your attention the old Kubric movie “A Clockwork Orange.”)

    Of course, mid-term elections are next month and the GOP continues to lose ground. So there is hope and more than before.

    Your brave and articulate wife told me some time ago that I can’t apologize for any of this with any authenticity, and she’s of course right. But what I can do is have another glass of decent merlot, which I will before re-reading that Lancet article.

    Trust you, Eman and Adam are well and happy. (Her faithful readers miss her but understand her need to be on hiatus.) Oh, and those of us along the Gulf of Mexico who in summers so often huddle in fear thank you of the African continent for all that lovely, lovely Saharan dust which this year put a such crimp in our hurricane season. Please, keep it coming! 🙂



  2. This report has been refuted by US President, Minister of Defence and the Generals in the US Army : they said the number of deads in Iraq has “just” exceeded 50,000.

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