Subzero Blue Hacked

So as some of you might have noticed, Subzero Blue was hacked today, both versions too, English and Arabic.

Eman’s blog AquaCool which is hosted as a subdomain of Subzero Blue was also hacked.

Fortunately the damage wasn’t that bad, the English version of the blog was basically restored as soon as I noticed. As for the Arabic blog, it was offline for hours until I got home and restored some files from my backups.
Eman’s blog was restored pretty quickly too but without it’s design, which I had to get from my backups too when I got home.
Anyway, now everything is back to normal, without any loss of data.

The group of hackers who took the blogs down go by the name of TNT-Cagri, who seem to do it for fun, which explains why they didn’t do more damage, even though they could have.
A list of the sites they hacked can be found here.
And the actual page that records that they hacked this blog is over here.

A special thanks to Soly Z for informing me about being hacked before I realized it myself.

I hope it never happens again.

Now let’s go back to regular coverage, I guess…

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