A Call To All Arabs To Unrecognize Israel

“I hereby declare that I am withdrawing my recognition of Israel.
It is not a state. It is a criminal enterprise, more dangerous than any known mafia. A mafia family may bribe one judge. Israel has bought the whole (American) system, which has installed itself as judge to the world.
Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East, as it is touted. It is institutionalized state terrorism.


Today Israel has become a malignant cancer eating away at the body of the Middle East. I still consider myself a peacenik, and as such I will not call for the destruction of Israel or the harming of any Israelis. I am only calling for the isolation of Israel behind a wall it built it itself. It has never been part of our region and does not seem to want to belong.
I withdraw my recognition of Israel and ask all Arabs, especially Egyptians and Jordanians, to lead the way, as their governments have signed peace treaties with Israel.”

Jihad El Khazen, A Call to All and Every Arab

[Via: Prometheus ]

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