Foot In Mouth

Have you ever been in a position where you think about something, and in your head it sounds really funny and cool, but then you say it and it comes out all wrong and makes you sound like a stuck up arrogant asshole?
Well that happened to me at work yesterday!
And it felt like shit!

To make things worse, one of my co-workers kiddingly jumped on it and kept amplifying it, only making it even shittier, and making me feel guilty as hell, even though I never meant anything bad from it.

I hate situations like that, and well even though I hope the people around me know me well enough to realize that I’d never mean something in a bad way like that, but still it bugs the hell out of me.

There’s this old saying in Tunisia that tells us to turn our tongues in our mouths several times before saying something, meaning that we should think about things well enough before talking.

But the problem is that sometimes, the way you meant to say something and the way it comes out are very different.

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