Top 50 Greatest Independent Films

Empire Online have released a list of the Top 50 Greatest Independent Films.

Among the listed movies, here are the ones I’ve already seen:

– Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino’s first, real cool)
– Donnie Darko (Huh? What was that about? Certainly your first reaction.)
– The Terminator (“I’ll be back”… Well you shouldn’t have come back for the 3rd.)
– The Usual Suspects (Great great movie. Love it.)
– Memento (Really cool movie. I truly like.)
– The Evil Dead (Saw this when I was a kid, scared the shit out of me.)
– Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola’s second, really nice and simple.)
– The Blair Witch Project (Hmmm… Drop the camera, run and spare us.)
– Being John Malkovich (Weird but good movie.)
– Grosse Point Blank (Not John Cusack’s best movie, but ok.)
– The Passion Of The Christ (Just realized I haven’t actually finished this one.)
– Mad Max (Oh well, you know.)

Some of the others have been on my must-watch list for some time, and some of them I didn’t know of.
I hope I get around to finding and seeing all these cool movies here.

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10 thoughts on “Top 50 Greatest Independent Films”

  1. i thought the terminator was a stuido movie? wasn’t it james cameron who directed?

    THX-1138 brought george lucas to the world of movies and what this guy could do at such a young age.

    Roger And Me, michael moore, a new way to do a documentary.

    mean streets, clerks. all good picks.

    i would add one of my favorite indie flicks that brought the wilson brothers and wes anderson to the world of movies as well: bottle rocket.

  2. Nas, me too, I didn’t know Terminator was an independent movie. It was by James Cameron. It seems Terminator 1 was indy and then the 2 got picked up by a studio.

    Houssein, oops, thanks for correcting me. I forgot about Virgin Suicides although I saw the film and really liked it.

  3. What do they mean by “Independant”? I only have seen 8 of 50 🙁
    El Mariachi (can’t be compared to ‘Desperado’), Amores Perros (a nice Mexican movie), The Blair Witch Project (Just by curiosity), Lost in Translation (That’s a great movie), Memento (I got it without having to watch it a second time!!), The Usual Suspects (Kevin Spacey is diabolic!), The Terminator (was a fashion in the 80’s), Reservoir Dogs (too much blood).
    Which ones do you recommend I add to my waiting list?

  4. Swobodin, well they mean that it wasn’t a movie made by a known studio with a good budget.

    As for which ones you should see, well as you can tell, I haven’t really seen much more than you have.
    I could suggest “Donnie Darko” which has created a somehow cult like following.

  5. Thanks, I gonna watch it soon.
    By the way, if you can get Amores Perros, don’t miss it. I can tell you where it’s possible to retrieve it, but in Spanish…

  6. Swobodin, if you liked Desperado more than El Mariachi, then i am sorry to tell you that you are not going to like Indy movie 🙂

    I think you could like “Run Lola Run”.

  7. What I liked in Desperado, is the “artistic” side. Dancing while shooting, movements are calculated. And mainly the soundtrack, which became a reference (Canci

  8. How can you not know Donnie Darko? It’s the definition itself of creepy, insane, trippy, and just plain weird. It was made in 2001 if my memory does not fail me and is very good. I highly recommend it.



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