Top 50 Greatest Independent Films

Empire Online have released a list of the Top 50 Greatest Independent Films.

Among the listed movies, here are the ones I’ve already seen:

– Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino’s first, real cool)
– Donnie Darko (Huh? What was that about? Certainly your first reaction.)
– The Terminator (“I’ll be back”… Well you shouldn’t have come back for the 3rd.)
– The Usual Suspects (Great great movie. Love it.)
– Memento (Really cool movie. I truly like.)
– The Evil Dead (Saw this when I was a kid, scared the shit out of me.)
– Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola’s second, really nice and simple.)
– The Blair Witch Project (Hmmm… Drop the camera, run and spare us.)
– Being John Malkovich (Weird but good movie.)
– Grosse Point Blank (Not John Cusack’s best movie, but ok.)
– The Passion Of The Christ (Just realized I haven’t actually finished this one.)
– Mad Max (Oh well, you know.)

Some of the others have been on my must-watch list for some time, and some of them I didn’t know of.
I hope I get around to finding and seeing all these cool movies here.

[Via: Houssein]

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