Real Life Ad And Popup Blocker

You’re walking down a street in your favourite part of town, whistling or humming a cool tune, trying to enjoy the nice weather and the really good mood you’re in.

But wait, it’s not working; there’s something annoying you, distracting you, bugging you… Something is not the same about this street, it’s no longer what it used to be, it has somehow lost its charm; what is it?

It’s those huge billboards, those ugly posters stuck everywhere, those flashing fluorescent lights, those ads all around you that have transformed your nice street into a brainwash walk-through.
No wonder you’re distracted, every colour in the world is used with no harmony in these ads around you; of course you’re annoyed, the chaos of how these ads are set is incredible.

And then, just as you start to adjust to not looking at the ads and try to focus on whatever green or untouched buildings are left, someone pops up out of nowhere, bringing you close to a heart attack, presenting you with a flyer for this, a paper ad for that, a visit card for whatever…

It’s a nightmare…
Don’t you just wish we had real life ad and popup blockers to get rid of all that? Something that would just strip all those ads from the places we go to and hold back those popup advertisers from us while we have our nice stroll wherever we want to?
Ah, I’d really like to have that…

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