Get Smarter In Seven Days

For those of you who are not in IT and haven’t had their brain cells fried up beyond repair with hours of code writing and debugging, it seems there’s a way to get smarter, and in only 7 days too.

Doing ‘brain exercises’ such as watching Countdown, playing Sudoku or taking a shower with your eyes closed can make us all up to 40 per cent cleverer within seven days, according to research by a BBC programme this week.


The programme found that a combination of techniques based on healthy eating, physical activity, sound sleep and stimulating your mind through solving puzzles and remembering lists makes people sharper, more confident and better at making decisions.

[Source: Guardian Unlimited]

Personally, the whole learn this in 21 days, do that in 24 hours, get that in 7 days, lose weight in 3 hours, blah blah concept is pretty much nonsense to me.
I believe everything is possible as long as we’re ready to put in the amount of work necessary to make it happen.

Anyway, here is the guide they give for getting smarter in only 7 days:

Saturday: Brush your teeth with your ‘wrong’ hand and take a shower with your eyes closed.

Sunday: Do the crossword or Sudoku puzzle in your Sunday paper and take a brisk walk.

Monday: Have oily fish for dinner, and either cycle, walk or take the bus into work.

Tuesday: Select unfamiliar words from the dictionary and work them into conversations.

Wednesday: Go to yoga, Pilates or a meditation class, and talk to someone you don’t know.

Thursday: Take a different route to work; watch Countdown or Brainteaser.

Friday: Avoid caffeine or alcohol; memorise your shopping list.

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