After the 11th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

As a number of other Tunisian bloggers have written already, we had our eleventh Tunisian blogger meetup last Sunday.

The meetup was held at Latina Cafe/Restaurant in Les Berges du Lac. Turnout was pretty good for this meetup with 18 people showing up.

I’d like to thank Latina for their hospitality, for offering us free drinks and being so nice to us all.

Among the bloggers present, we had two guests: Mahesh Shantaram and a Tunisian friend of his, they both study professional photography in Paris, France.
It was great meeting him after the emails we exchanged before his trip to Tunisia. I hope we get to meet again soon.

A new blogger, Orchea, joined us in this meetup as well as one non-blogger, but heavy commentor by the nickname Brain.

The meetup was a lot of fun as usual, with us making a lot of noise with all our talk and laughing.
It’s a shame we had to leave early because we had some urgent things to do.

A great surprise I had at this meetup was when I ran into an old childhood friend by coincidence, who came to Latina with his wife and son for a couple of drinks.
We used to spend the summers together at my uncle’s place in Bizerte and so many years have passed since we last met, so it was really cool meeting up with him again. It certainly brought back a flood of memories.

According to Karim, the next meetup will be in the mountains of Zaghouan. Details will be shared as soon as they become available.

Will try to put the few photos I took at the meetup online soon.

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