Blogging, What Next?

I remember some time ago, on the way to a meeting with a client, a friend from work and I were talking about my blog and how I never imagined it’d get me into the World Summit on the Information Society, and then to London for the Global Voices Summit, …etc.
He said it was all great and stuff, but then asked: “But then what?”
This is a question a lot of non-bloggers ask, and it’s quite a logical question actually, I mean nothing really goes on forever, not even our passion for certain things, everything seems to move on, leave place for something else.

The question actually brings up two thoughts, which are:
– What will come next after blogging as a net phenomenon?
– What will come next for this blog?

Regarding the first point, I think it’s obvious that we’re moving more and more towards a more open, more social, more discussion oriented internet. So just like the old static website and discussion forum converged into a blog, I expect we’ll be seeing more and more communication technologies and ideas being merged to create the next big thing.
And with higher connectivity and faster connection speeds, more and more will be realizable and accessible to more people.

As for what will happen to my blog, well I’m having a great time with it now, and I don’t see myself letting go of it anytime soon.
I mean, in the end, I think I’ll always have something to write about, an opinion to share, a flag to raise, and a need to express myself. And the way I see it, this blog will exist as long as all that does.

So in response to my friend, and all those who ask this question, a blog is not something you do to get somewhere, you do it because you feel like it, because you have this certain need to. So when you blog, you’re not really thinking of what you’re going to do in the future.
Of couse there are the professional blogs and profit-oriented blogs, and those have specific goals, but other than that a blog is more or less a personal space for the blogger to write about his personal or professional thoughts, experiences and ideas.

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