On Saturday, we watched “Flightplan“, featuring Jodie Foster, Sean Bean and Peter Sarsgaard.

I saw the trailer for the movie a couple of times, and it looked like an ok movie. Anyway, when we were in London, it was playing there, and I didn’t think it was worth paying two cinema tickets for, so I just decided to wait and rent it on DVD.

The movie is a drama/thriller about a bereaved woman and her daughter who are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet the child vanishes and nobody admits she was ever on that plane.
I really liked the idea of the movie and how it was brought to life, making this such a better movie than I expected.

Jodie Foster is a great actor, as we all know, even though I think she’s a bit too dramatic in her roles. She does the same in this movie, but it turns out better.

If you like what the idea of the movie sounds like, then I recommend this movie.

My score for it is: 7/10.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

7 thoughts on “Flightplan”

  1. nice movie, panic room style.
    this one was quite overkill though and quite predictable since the start. Notwithstanding, the acting was good…i won’t recommand it for in-theatre vieweing, rather a DVD or a DIVX

  2. Napo, I didn’t actually finish Panic Room, I was bored somewhere in the middle especially that I was watching it in French, which sucked. Maybe someday I should get around to seeing it in English though before building a final judgement of it.
    I too would recommend Flightplan as a rental.

    MoZZ, yep, I still rent from there 🙂 They’re really nice and as they’re close to work, I always pass by and grab a DVD or 2 on my way home.

  3. Indeed MMM, viewing a movie in english makes a huge difference, especially that french translation has become quite sloppy lately. though some movies, for instance the ‘green mile’ has strong southern accent and quite the english to decipher, it’s still a good opportunity to practise own listening skills. cheers !

  4. There has been a down turn in ticket sales at the U.S cinemas lately, maybe do to DVD upsurge. Steven Soderberg’s new movie “Bubble” was supposed to be released in theaters and in D.V.D simulatenously. Maybe a new game plan. Some cinema chaind are getting back, by banning any movies that does release in DVD at the same time.

  5. My husband and I watched this the other night. I was disappointed with the Arab subplot. It seemed unnecessary for this particular film and then I didn’t like how it resolved either.

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