Tunisian Blog Awards 2005

Tunisie Blog Awards 2005The first Tunisian blog awards Tunisie Blog Awards 2005 started today to promote the Tunisian blogosphere even more, encourage bloggers to work more on their blogs and give credit to the bloggers who are doing a great job.

The process will be going through 3 phases:

Phase 1: Blog submissions for each category (12 – 18 December)
Phase 2: Jury votes for top 5 submitted blogs in each category (19 – 25 December)
Results: Results are announced (26 December)

I’m one of the members of the jury in these awards, so for reasons of fairness my blog won’t be running for any of the awards.
Anyway, I will be accepting bribes. (just kidding of course, unless it’s something really worth it :P)

So everyone get over to the Tunisie Blog Awards 2005 site and start submitting your favourite blogs.

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