Pet Trees

Pet treesPet Trees are the latest craze from Japan, and, like most innovations from the Land of the Rising Sun, they’re incredibly small. Basically each Pet Tree is a real tree (well, mini-plant) inside a tiny plastic bell jar with a keyring attachment. A bit like a mini-me bonsai encased within a Lilliputian bio-dome.

Apart from a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) all you have to do to keep your pipsqueak of a plant healthy is water it every couple of weeks by placing the container in a saucer of water for a few minutes. As you nurture your Pet Tree it will grow inside its durable little container until it becomes big enough to be removed and planted.

Each Pet Tree symbolises a different strength and characteristic, so you can choose one to suit your mood.
For example, from the photo above: Victo is a cactus for luck and victory; and Rance, a cactus that symbolises unchanging love and courage.

More info on pet trees and how to buy them here.

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