Macho Ego & Sudoku

On my flight home from London, a Tunisian man and woman were seated next to me.

The woman was going through a magazine when she came across a game of sudoku. She obviously didn’t know the game, read how to solve it, seemed to like it and started working on it.

She started using a pen, which made me want to tell her that she’d be better off with a pencil because she’d be erasing and trying numbers all over the grid before getting it right, but well I didn’t want to seem nosy.

A while later, she realized how fun yet complicated it could be, and told the man about it.
Like a typical man, or even worse a typical Tunisian man, the guy just mocked her, acting like a macho Mr. know-it-all, degrading the game and telling her that it was very easy and that he didn’t see what was so interesting and complicated about it.

She told him to try it, and so he did, he started over-confidently and stupidly filling up the grid, only to find himself blocked in a few moves. He started to cross out numbers and re-write others, with it only getting worse. Finally he gave up.
That’s when I really felt like saying: “UP YOUR ASS, BUDDY!!”, but well I held back.

He gave her the magazine back, trying to do some damage control and not come out as a total loser.

Now, the moral of the story is that men in general and Tunisian men in particular should stop underestimating and degrading things, thinking that everything is easy and that nothing can stand a chance in front of their big macho ego.
They’re just setting themselves up to show how big a fool they are.

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