How Magazines Lie To Us

CoverThese days whenever you look at a newstand, you find yourself in front of heaps of magazines with these gorgeous bombshells on the cover, and you wonder how come there are so many beautiful and perfect girls in the world, yet you never come across any that perfect in the real world. Well it’s because they actually don’t exist.

Ok, this isn’t like that movie Simone; Of course, those models exist in real life, but not in the form or perfection you see on those magazine covers.

Yes people, mainstream media is lying to us by creating this false version of reality that does not exist, a beautiful one, but fake. Just like advertising.

And then they ask why our trust in mainstream media keeps on declining.

For example, check out the pictures below for a before and after of a photo of a model that was retouched to be magazine cover material.


For the whole modification process to get from the before to the after, go here.

This reminds me of when a magazine retouched photos of Kate Winslet to make her look slimmer and better, and how she ended up suing them for it.

[Via: Loic Le Meur]

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