Air France Arabic In-Flight Instructions

After years of air travel, I’ve basically developed a deaf ear for the presentation of in-flight instructions that they have to play before every take-off, as I know every little detail by heart.

Anyway this time travelling to London aboard an Air France flight, I found myself listening to this weird recording of the in-flight instructions in Arabic.

It’s not that it was in Arabic that shocked me, that’s only normal as it’s a flight to/from an Arab country. What I found weird was how it was recorded in a broken Arabic language mixed with a certain North African accent, that made it both sort of funny and somehow unprofessional.
I mean Air France is a worldwide carrier, that has many flights to and from the Arab world; couldn’t they have found someone better to record well-formed, well-structured, well-pronounced Arabic in-flight instructions?

I know I’m being a bit too picky and that it’s good they have Arabic instructions in the first place, but well it’s a bit Amateurish for such a big airline company, and if they’re doing it, they might as well do it right.

Just my 2 cents…

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