The Corrs – Home

A couple of days ago while rushing through the supermarket to get some stuff for the break of fast, my eye caught the new Corrs album “Home” on the shelves of CDs. Being a fan of The Corrs and their style, I grabbed it in my way, popped it in the car cd player and have been listening to it while driving.

This album is a collection of traditional Irish songs with new contemporary interpretations by The Corrs, which explains the name “Home”.
The album also has two songs in Gaelic (“Buachaill On Eirne” and “Brid Og Ni Mhaille”) and two great instrumentals (“Old Hag”, “Haste to the Wedding”).

I really liked this album, although it might not be my favourite by the band. It’s mostly slower than their previous albums, with only the instrumentals and “Old Town” having upbeat tunes. And it doesn’t really sound that much like previous albums by The Corrs.

My favourite songs on this album are: “Old Town” (Which I’ve loved ever since I first heard it on their unplugged), “Spancill Hill”, “Old Hag”, “Haste to the Wedding” and “Buachaill On Eirne”.

If you’re a fan of The Corrs, of course you have to get this album, if you just liked a couple of their upbeat songs only, then maybe this one is not exactly for you.

I personally respect their choice to honour their Irish musical heritage with this album. I also can’t wait for their next album with their unique and beautiful style.

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