Arabic Language Discovery Channel

An Arabic language “Discovery” channel will be launched soon according to Kuwait’s information minister, Anas Al-Rasheed, who announced the news in London this week while attending a conference about “Extremism and Terrorism”.

The objective of the channel, according to the minister, is to increase the Arabic public’s awareness and interest in science and culture in an effort to naturalize media outlets that support or incite extremism.

The announcement came during a panel discussion on the third day of the conference, which debated incitement in the “media” with regard to terrorism.

I agree that media play a big role in shaping the thoughts of the people and in making them more open to, or against, the ideas of extremism and terrorism.
Anyway I don’t see how Discovery Channel will solve the problem.
Ok it’s got all these cool programs that will raise scientific and cultural awareness for the people who will watch it, as well as do some minor brainwashing, but then they switch to a channel that is pushing destructive ideas at them and we’re back at zero.

I think this is a good idea for its own reasons, and maybe as an option to pull people away a bit from other channels, but it’s no big breakthrough solution.
The solution lies in a lot of different places that have to be touched upon simultaneously.

[Source: Asharq Alawsat]
[Via: Saudi Jeans]

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