After the 8th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

Last night we had the 8th Tunisian blogger meetup at Biwa in Les Berges du Lac, and as usual it was a lot of fun.

What made this meetup even more special is that we had some international guests with us, which was really great and such a pleasure for us all.
Our international guests were: Rebecca MacKinnon, Jeff Ooi from Malaysia, Mite Nishio from the Dominican Republic and Isam Bayazidi from Jordan.

The other blogs represented in this meetup were: Adib, Mouse Hunter, Infinity, Evil Drako, Blogeuse, Jaz in the city, Tom, AquaCool and Subzero Blue.
We also had some non-bloggers with us who we’re working on pushing into blogging 😉

I would like to send a special and big thanks, in behalf of myself and all the bloggers, to my new good friend from the Dominican Republic Mite Nishio for the very nice gifts he brought with him to the meetup.

The meetup started at 8PM and went on until 1AM. We had a nice dinner together and talked about so many things; from blogging and stories surrounding blogging, to ideas for Arab blog-related projects, to Merengue and music from the Dominican republic, to the Tunisian and Arab blogosphere, to places to visit in Tunisia, to capital punishment, to so so much more.

As usual it’s always great to meet bloggers offline and to connect with them on a personal level and just enjoy some quality time together, forget about blogs a bit, have a good laugh, discuss different issues…etc.
I personally extremely enjoy these meetups which are getting better one by one.

Last night, we also talked about the next blogger meetup that will be held next month, and that will be a really cool one. We’ll be posting the details about it soon.

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