Wi-Fi Internet in Tunisia

Wi-Fi is barely starting in Tunisia, apart from three airports and a very few hotels here and there, it’s unlikely you’ll come across any wireless hotspots.

This post is more about some of my ideas and thoughts on how WiFi internet can get off the ground and become a reality in Tunisia.
Maybe it’s a bit too early, as even broadband connections are still not that wide-spread yet between home users, but we’re on the way there, and we can allow ourselves to look a bit to the future.

As with anything like this, government entities should be and are the first to encourage such ideas.

The airport authority have invested in providing Wi-Fi internet in three main airports; Tunis-Carthage, Monastir and Djerba-Zarzis.
I think that is great so that passengers on their way in or out of Tunisia can have access to the internet.

I also think it’s important for government entities that are involved with international trade and business, like the CEPEX and FIPA for example, to provide WiFi internet in their buildings so that foreign businessmen, investors and officials can easily access their emails, extranets and more.

And of course, I suppose the Kram fair building will be equipped with Wi-Fi internet for the WSIS in November.

Another cool idea would be for municipalities to test throwing in Wi-Fi internet in one of Tunis’ parks, for example Al Saada park in La Marsa or the new Sidi Bou Said park. Even for a fee, it’d be good to be able to surf the net as you enjoy a nice day at the park.

Libraries are another great place to provide wireless internet access for people who go there to read or do some research.

As for the private sector, I think more hotels, especially business-oriented ones, should go down the wireless road, even if only in their lobby areas for starters.
It would be a great added value for their clients and would maybe even trigger more business meetings there.

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