Google Reader

Google have gone on and rolled out another cool web application by the name of Google Reader.

Google Reader is a web-based feed reader. It has a really nice interface that reminds a lot of the Gmail interface, but even better and cooler, thanks to all the Ajax work under the hood.
Like Gmail, it also has labels that can be used to group your different feeds.

I uploaded my opml export file and even though it took a long time to import my subscriptions, it did using the same group organization I have, automatically creating labels for each group and linking it to the feeds under it.
Adding new feeds directly is very easy and simple.

Upon opening of the reader, the recently updated items show up first, and you click on them to view them like you would an email. A number of actions are available for each item like Gmailing it, blogging it, starring it or unsubscribing from the whole feed.

They have a cool “Search for new content” button that enables you to search for sources writing about whatever topic you’re interested in.

I think this is a really cool offering from Google and a good step forward for xml feeds and their spread between mainstream internet users.

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